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NSFW 18+ please. This is my flagship blog. This will be a catch all blog for everything I am interested in i.e. fitness, progressive-ism (not a real word) environmentalism and free thinking. It will change themes with my mood. I do not intend to have any explicit pornographic images but some mild nudity might be in order. Cheers
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JP Morgan Admits Trickle Down Economics Has Completely Failed

This chart shows the changes in wealth distribution over the last 40 years. Courtesy of Mother Jones.

Remember how the country was sold the idea of “trickle down” economics? “Oh, if we just give the wealthy more, they will create wealth for the poor and middle classes by increasing spending, investing in new factories, hiring more workers, etc, etc, etc.” In reality, after over 30 years of…

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All the smart people already knew this at least a decade ago.

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wtf do u think…


wtf do u think…


Am I a prophet? A time-traveling cartoonist? (via Pocho)

This weekend POCHO Florida Burro Jefe Santino J. Rivera sent me a heads up about a Tweet featuring one of my editorial cartoons. I clicked the link and just about fell out of my chair.

The graphic in the Tweet was a side-by-side presentation of my cartoon showing a Native American confronting an Indian-mascot-garbed sports fan next to a photograph of a Native American confronting an Indian-mascot-garbed sports fan (image, above.)

They are eerily similar. The strange part was that I drew my cartoon in 2002, and the photo was taken last week in Cleveland, home of the Cleveland “Indians”:

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